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Black Marble Vase

Black Marble Vase

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The Black Marble Vase, with its elegant gold and white marble design elements, stands 11.6 inches tall. Made from ceramic, it's a striking statement piece that brings sophistication to any modern interior.


Material: High-quality ceramic

Height: 11.6 inches (29.5 cm)

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth; avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbers


What are the dimensions of the Black Marble Vase?

The Black Marble Vase stands at 11.6 inches (29.5 cm) tall, making it an ideal size for showcasing long-stemmed flowers or as a standalone statement piece.

What is the vase made of?

The Black Marble Vase is crafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability while showcasing an intricate marble design.

Is the Black Marble Vase suitable for fresh flowers?

Yes, the vase is designed to accommodate fresh flowers. Its wide mouth provides ample space for arranging various floral displays, making it perfect for long-stemmed flowers and branches.

How should I clean the Black Marble Vase?

To maintain the vase's finish, it's best to hand wash it with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that might damage its surface.

Can the Black Marble Vase be used outdoors?

The vase is primarily designed for indoor use due to its ceramic material. If you choose to use it outdoors, place it in a sheltered area to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Product overview

Enhance your home decor with the sophisticated Black Marble Vase, a true statement piece that embodies luxury and modern design. Standing at 11.6 inches (29.5 cm) in height, this ceramic vase boasts a captivating black marble design accentuated with elegant gold and white marble patterns. The interplay of these colors creates a visually striking contrast, making this vase the perfect centerpiece for any modern interior.

Crafted with precision, the Black Marble Vase brings an air of elegance to any room. Its tall silhouette is ideal for showcasing long-stemmed flowers or branches, while its versatile design means it can also be displayed empty, letting its unique aesthetic speak for itself. Whether placed in a living room, dining area, or office, this vase effortlessly elevates its surroundings with its refined style.

Constructed from high-quality ceramic, the vase combines durability with artistic design, making it a piece that can be cherished for years to come. Its smooth finish and detailed patterns make it a joy to behold, adding a touch of sophistication to any decor. The Black Marble Vase's versatile design allows it to complement both minimalist and maximalist interiors, fitting seamlessly into any modern space.

This vase's sturdy construction ensures stability, while its wide mouth provides ample room for floral arrangements. Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your own space or searching for the perfect gift for a design-conscious friend, the Black Marble Vase is a stunning choice. Its bold yet elegant design makes it a timeless addition to any home, bringing style and sophistication to any room it graces.

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