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Blue White Vases

Blue White Vases

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Enhance your space with our Blue White Vases, available in Medium (8.86 inches) and Large (11.81 inches). Made from porcelain and ceramic, these vases feature elegant blue floral designs on a white base.



  • Medium - 22.5 cm (8.86 inches) in height
  • Large - 30 cm (11.81 inches) in height

Material: Porcelain and Ceramic


What sizes are the Blue White Vases available in?

The Blue White Vases are available in two sizes: Medium (22.5 cm / 8.86 inches) and Large (30 cm / 11.81 inches).

What materials are the vases made from?

These vases are made from high-quality porcelain and ceramic, ensuring durability and an elegant finish.

How can I incorporate the Blue White Vases into my home decor?

The vases are versatile and can be placed on mantels, dining tables, sideboards, or used as standalone decorative pieces. They pair well with light-colored interiors.

Are the floral designs painted or printed on the vases?

The intricate blue floral designs are carefully crafted onto the white base, adding a timeless touch to the vases.

Can I use these vases for fresh flowers?

Yes, the Blue White Vases are perfect for displaying fresh flowers, enhancing their beauty and adding a touch of nature to your home.

Product overview

Introducing the exquisite Blue White Vases, a perfect addition to any home decor. These vases, available in Medium (22.5 cm / 8.86 inches) and Large (30 cm / 11.81 inches), bring a touch of timeless elegance to your living space. Crafted from high-quality porcelain and ceramic, they boast intricate blue floral drawings on a pristine white base, making them an ideal choice for light, airy interiors.

Whether displayed as a standalone piece or used to showcase fresh flowers, the Blue White Vases effortlessly blend into any decor style. Their classic design complements modern minimalism, vintage charm, or even a coastal theme. Place them on a mantelpiece, dining table, or a sideboard to create a focal point that captures attention.

For a cohesive look, pair these vases with light-colored furnishings and accessories. You can also experiment with placing them in various settings around your home, such as the living room, bedroom, or hallway, to add a subtle yet striking decorative touch. The versatility and timeless appeal of the Blue White Vases make them a must-have for any decor enthusiast.

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