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Milk White Vases

Milk White Vases

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The Milk White Vases, with blue accents, come in two sizes: Medium (4.3 inches) and Large (8.3 inches). Their modern star fruit design and ceramic build make them a stylish addition to any interior.



  • Medium: 11 cm (4.3 inches) in height
  • Large: 21 cm (8.3 inches) in height

Material: Ceramic


What sizes are available for the Milk White Vases?

The Milk White Vases are available in two sizes: Medium (4.3 inches in height) and Large (8.3 inches in height). These options provide flexibility for different spaces and arrangements.

What color are the vases?

The vases are primarily milky white with subtle blue accents. This neutral and serene color palette makes them suitable for various interior decor styles.

What material are the vases made from?

The Milk White Vases are crafted from high-quality ceramic, giving them a smooth and polished finish that complements their modern star fruit shape.

Are the vases suitable for all types of interior decor?

Yes, the vases are designed to seamlessly blend into a variety of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Their neutral color and modern shape allow them to enhance any room's aesthetic.

What is the design inspiration behind the vases?

The design of the Milk White Vases is inspired by the star fruit, featuring a unique shape that adds a touch of modern elegance to any setting. Their simple yet distinctive design makes them a versatile decor piece.

Product overview

Discover the exquisite charm of the Milk White Vases, elegantly designed to enhance your interior decor. Available in two sizes, Medium (4.3 inches) and Large (8.3 inches), these vases are perfect for a wide range of arrangements, from delicate flowers to lush greenery. Their milky white color, adorned with subtle blue accents, adds a serene touch that complements various design themes.

Crafted from premium ceramic, these vases boast a unique star fruit shape, blending modern aesthetics with timeless appeal. Their smooth, polished surface reflects light beautifully, highlighting their elegant contours. Whether you place them on a mantel, dining table, or office desk, they add a sophisticated touch to any room.

Beyond their visual appeal, the Milk White Vases are highly versatile, seamlessly fitting into different settings. Their contemporary design and neutral colors make them adaptable to both traditional and modern interiors, offering endless styling possibilities.

Ideal for anyone seeking to elevate their space with unique decorative pieces, the Milk White Vases are the perfect choice. Their distinctive design, combined with durability and functionality, ensures they will be a long-lasting addition to your home decor collection.

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