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Small Silver Vase

Small Silver Vase

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Elevate your decor with our Small Silver Vase, uniquely shaped like a tied-up paper bag. Standing at 6.7 inches tall and crafted from shiny electroplated ceramic, it's a standout highlight for any space.


Material: Electroplated Ceramic

Height: 17 centimeters (6.7 inches)

Weight: 620 grams (1.37 pounds)

Care Instructions: Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid water and harsh chemicals to maintain the electroplated finish.


What are the dimensions and weight of the Small Silver Vase?

The vase stands at 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in height and weighs 620 grams (approximately 1.37 pounds), providing a compact yet substantial presence in any decor setting.

What material is the Small Silver Vase made from?

This vase is crafted from electroplated ceramic, which gives it a durable and shiny silver finish, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

What is unique about the design of the Small Silver Vase?

The Small Silver Vase features a unique design shaped like a tied-up paper bag, offering a whimsical and modern twist that makes it a standout piece in any interior.

How should I clean and maintain the vase?

To clean the vase, simply wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth. It is important to avoid using water or harsh cleaning agents, as they may affect the electroplated surface.

Is the Small Silver Vase suitable for holding water and fresh flowers?

Due to its electroplated ceramic material, it's recommended to use the vase for dry decorations or faux flowers to preserve the integrity of the shiny silver finish. If using with water for fresh flowers, be cautious and consider using a protective liner to prevent water damage to the electroplating.

Product overview

Introduce a unique blend of art and functionality into your space with our Small Silver Vase. This exquisite piece stands approximately 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in height and weighs 620 grams (about 1.37 pounds), making it a sturdy yet elegant addition to any room. Crafted from high-quality electroplated ceramic, it boasts a reflective shiny silver finish that catches the light, adding a spark of brilliance wherever it is placed.

The design of this vase is inspired by the unexpected shape of a tied-up paper bag, combining everyday simplicity with extraordinary creativity. This whimsical form not only serves as a conversation starter but also brings a playful yet sophisticated element to your home decor. The vase's glossy surface reflects its surroundings, enhancing its surroundings with a dynamic play of light.

This Small Silver Vase is more than just a container for flowers. Its distinctive design and lustrous finish make it an ideal highlight element that can stand alone as a piece of art. Whether it's displayed on a mantle, a bookshelf, or a table, this vase will capture attention and add a modern twist to any setting.

Perfect for those who appreciate modern design and are looking for pieces that combine beauty with a hint of the unexpected, the vase can complement a wide range of interior styles. From minimalist to more eclectic decors, it fits seamlessly into various environments, enhancing the aesthetic while providing a practical use.

The electroplated ceramic material not only gives the vase its mesmerizing shine but also ensures durability and resistance to fading. To care for this vase, simply wipe it down with a soft cloth to maintain its sheen and avoid using harsh chemicals that could mar its surface.

For anyone seeking to add a functional piece of art to their collection, the Small Silver Vase offers a perfect blend of style and whimsy. Its reflective surface and unique shape make it a must-have for those looking to enhance their living space with something truly special and eye-catching. Add this vase to your decor and let it transform your environment with its elegance and playful charm.

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